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The Thrive Vision

Pharmacy Care You Deserve

At Thrive Enhanced Care Pharmacy, we have two equally important goals: enhancing patient care and maximizing administrative support. We bring pharmaceutical, clinical, administrative, and financial services together to improve client wellness and to facilitate your organization’s success. With over 35 years of experience, let us put our dedication, knowledge, and commitment to work to help you succeed.

Value Proposition





Our Story

In 1985 Martin Drugs Inc. initiated pharmacy services to nursing home clients throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Upon relocating to Swarthmore in 2005 the company expanded its outreach to include clients in group residential homes, adult day care programs, recovery programs, and correctional facilities.
Today, operating under the banner Thrive Enhanced Care Pharmacy, advancements in technology allow us to provide coordinated pharmaceutical and clinical services that greatly enhance the quality of care for our patients.

We invite you to explore how we can serve you. While healthcare is certain to evolve in the future, our commitment to kindness and excellence will continue to be our guide.

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